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Five Ice Cream Flavors That I Like

Mister G.

Who here hates ice creams? If you do, then you are one demented person. Everybody loves ice creams. People love to have a lick on a scooped ice cream that is placed above a wafer cone. People even love to have a banana split as their dessert. Ever since we were little kids, we are still trying to please our parents to give us a cone of ice cream. When there are family gatherings, I wouldn’t fret when I saw a gallon of ice cream prepared at the dining table. I would even grab a mug, and then I scoop as many as I can eat. However, it still depends on what flavour is prepared in the table. With that, here are my top five ice cream variations that I liked very much.

5. Rocky Road – The kind of ice cream that I would eat whenever I see one. Rocky road is composed of marshmallows, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and peanuts. I personally liked the taste, and it even gets sweeter when I chew those marshmallows. I love the combination of this particular ice cream flavour. For those who are looking to eat an ice cream that isn’t predominantly sweet, I suggest that you should try this wonderful variation of an ice cream.

4. Chocolate – This is one of the most conventional ice cream flavors. Your childhood isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted it. I used to like it when I was young. As I grew old, I try to find any other combinations of ice cream flavors that I would love to eat. Chocolate ice cream might be old and plain, but there are still a lot of people who would really love to have a scoop of it. Chocolate is still preferred by many. Therefore, it is considered as a dominant ice cream flavour.

3. Double Dutch – It is also the same with Rocky Road, because it also has combination of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cashew nuts. The only difference between Rocky Road and Double Dutch is that the ice cream flavour used is vanilla. The Double Dutch flavour also contains chocolate sauce. Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavour according to some surveys. I consider this flavour as an all-in-one ice cream, because sweet ingredients (excluding sprinkles) are included.

2. Coffee Crumble – I like this particular ice cream flavour because it is some kind of an “awakening” ice cream. But hey, coffee is one of the reasons why we are getting the boost that we need early in the morning. I really like the irresistible aroma and the taste of coffee. Imagine that! You wouldn’t need to sip that chilled coffee when you can find this particular ice cream flavour. Other ingredients of this premium brand are chocolate and nuts. Let me know if this particular ice cream flavour is existing at your place.

1. Cookies And Cream – This is my personal favourite. I am willing to go through long lines just to taste this particular flavour when I feel so. This particular ice cream combination uses vanilla as its main flavour. It is combined with crushed chocolate cookies and flavoured milk. Such cookies used are usually the ones that taste like Oreo. In case you didn’t know, this is also one of the top ice cream flavours in the world today.


It is assured that you have tasted any other flavours of ice cream other than the flavours listed above. Which are your favourite ice cream flavors? Feel free to share your top flavors in the comment box below.

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