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Self-Help Books Might Not Help At All

April Casquejo

Self-Help books are a staple; even bookstores have their own dedicated shelves for this particular literary genre. People rely on them, fortunately or unfortunately. Age and gender are not dictating factors as to read or not to read this kind of book; long as one feels the need to have a book to listen to, that begins the turning point: of taking heed in other’s experiences, and in the process alienating from one’s own unique situation.

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Individual Differences

I have not been a fan of self-help books, and for several good reasons. I have so much believe in individuality. Although our human experiences hold a certain degree of resemblance, no two situations are of the exact setup, thus, self-help books may not dictate the perfect and most suited decisions that one should be undertaking. I believe that the author’s tips and advice may even lead to a bad decision; there’s a whole lot of difference in our individual situations.

Been There, Done That, but Not Exactly THAT

Yes, that’s what these self-help authors do; brag about how they’ve gone through hell and back, and now they want the readers to know the ways out. But then again, their vision of hell may not be as bleak, or as light as that experienced by the readers, then so, their means and ways of getting through may not work well for those who aren’t on the same plane.

Experience is the Best Teacher, After All.

This, I certainly agree too. I believe that one’s unique experience should be the pillars to one’s learning, and no need to subscribe to the self-help books to begin with. I believe that there is a great difference between asking how-to, and figuring out a way to know how-to.

You Can’t Learn From the Mistakes You Haven’t Made

So make more mistakes and be bolder at life. After all, everything’s about trial and error, and there’s no way in that books know perfectly the what and what-not.

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