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My Reaction To CJ Corona’s Trial

Mister G.

The verdict has spoken. Out of 23 senators, 20 voted for the conviction of Chief Justice Corona. Others (Sen. Miriam Santiago, Sen. Joker Arroyo, and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos) voted for the Chief Justice to be acquitted.

CJ Corona: Convicted

Like most of the Filipinos, I also spent my time watching the senators plead their insights and conclusions. To be honest, I didn’t have interest in watching the first 43 days of the impeachment trial. Some senators have drawn applause from the public, and some did not. From their reactions, it is obvious that there are hidden lines and reasons behind such. Let me digest some of our beloved senators’ reactions from my own point of view.

Senators who voted for the conviction of CJ Corona

Situation 1: Most of the senators stated that CJ Corona made himself culpable for failure to declare the SALN of his bank accounts. Some of the senators who voted guilty even mentioned a former government worker who was fired from her work because of failure to declare her small business (sari-sari store) in her SALN. Senators who voted guilty have simply stated the testimony of CJ Corona about his bank accounts as the whole basis.

Reaction: Some senators had typical reactions. There are so many questions still to be answered. Are they blind? Have they tried looking from other corners, including themselves? Are they trying to imply that failure to declare bank accounts is an impeachable case? Yes, their reasons might be right and could be considered as enough evidence. However, one question remains to be answered. Are they prepared to declare their SALNs to the public without conditions?

Do they have political plans? Are they “politically forced” in giving their testimony? Are there political alliances? For sure, it will affect their political future and their reputation. Are they on an “early campaigning mode” for mid-term elections? I hope not.

Situation 2: Everyone also heard the testimony (and took time to read the transcript) of Sen. Lito Lapid. At the beginning, he said that he doesn’t have a speech. He even pondered talking about his glaring educational background. He didn’t state any laws as evidence, because he said that no one would believe him. He said that he is a senator who doesn’t know a thing about law. He used conscience as his basis for convicting Renato Corona.

Reaction: Bravo, Sen. Lapid! Bravo! I LIKED YOUR GUTS, even though you’ve brought laughs to some people. You are truly a LEON GUERRERO. He admitted his lack of education and knowledge of the Constitution. Since Lito Lapid is known for his inability to speak fluent English, he gave his testimony by using Tagalog dialect. Despite his own flaws, I liked how he used the word “conscience”.  Below is his speech.

Situation 3.1: Sen. Jinggoy Estrada related the concluding impeachment trial to the case of his father. He even stated that if Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada was given the chance to speak, then there are chances that the decision can be otherwise. He also stated that there is a possibility his father wouldn’t have been replaced by a 9-year rule of Former President (now Congresswoman) Gloria Arroyo, a known Corona ally.

Situation 3.2: Sen. Manny Villar convicted CJ Corona guilty before his melodramatic statement. After deciding on the case, Villar shared his story about his failed presidential bid last 2010. He said that he truly came from a poor family. He explained about his side about the controversial C5 road extension. He even said that he was tagged as Gloria Arroyo’s candidate. (During Arroyo’s final years as president, she already had a bad reputation in the eyes of Filipinos). Villar said that he forgot everything about the cause and effect of his failed presidential bid.

Reaction: There is a reason why I put there 3.1 and 3.2. Such situations definitely speak about their tarnished reputation in the history Philippine politics. Those two senators don’t clearly forget such burden.

To Sens. Villar and Estrada

Would you please stop using media to air the political failures of your family? Would you just work for the benefit of Filipino People?

With love,

Caring Filipino Citizen

Situation 4: Sen. Panfilo Lacson: “I’ve been an investigator for my whole life”

Reaction: Yeah, right! Ping should testify about the Dacer-Corbito murder case first. Are we forgetting that the fugitive senator was hiding in another country because of such case mentioned?

Situation 5: The “unlimited speech” of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. (video can be seen below)

Reaction: Definitely, her speech spoke very high volumes. She spoke her heart out, as if it is her final testimony before she dies. Some Filipinos have lauded her testimony, and some might find her very arrogant. I understand how she is frustrated with how the Philippine political system is run, but I think she doesn’t understand her health and mental condition.

Sen. Miriam: “Panginoon, bigyan mo ako ng isa pang buhay para imbestigahan lahat”

Translation: “Lord, please give me another life to investigate everything”

Sen. Miriam, please don’t force yourself too hard. You’ve spoken too much.

Every Filipino has their say on how the impeachment process was undergone. What about you? Feel free to share your comments and opinions below.

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