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Gone: Amanda Seyfried soars higher!

Lovelyn Layon

“The clock is good for no one. The poor die and the rich don’t live. We can all live forever so long as we don’t do anything foolish. Doesn’t that scare you? That maybe you’ll never do anything foolish or courageous or anything worth a damn?”

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Those lines above were few of the many famous lines from Amanda Seyrfried’s recent movie In Time. From the sweet and young Sophie from Mamma Mia or the meanest girl from Mean Girls of 2004, Amanda Seyfried has soared higher with her career from almost a dozen of box-office hits worldwide. This is to show that she is a very talented actress and no one could ever stop her from peeking through the highest pedestal of success.

Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985 in the beautiful town of Allentown, Pennsylvania. She was known to be the wide-eyed actress and best known to audiences for her funny performance as Karen Smith in Mean Girls. She started as a theater actress from the most gorgeous box-office hit Mamma Mia and now she is giving all her might to prove that she is indeed not your kind of girl from the block with her latest movie Gone.

Mamma Mia! A box-office hit film adaptation from a theater play featuring the songs of Abba. Source:

Gone is a new suspense thriller which Seyfried plays the role of Jill Parrish. The film revolves around Jill’s struggle to find the abductor of her sister Molly. Jill believes that her kidnapper a year before her sister’s abduction was the same person who has Molly. No authority has made any difference from her previous chase because some of them never believed her. So, in order to save her sister before sundown, she’ll move by herself to try to save her sister by exposing the serial killer’s secrets.

Amanda Seyfried was born on Dec. 3, 1985 from Pennsylvania, USA. Source:

What about Seyfried’s journey in showbiz? What about the fuzz around her career? Well, for most actors that are soaring high today, Seyfried never failed to prove her skills in acting. Somehow, she still manages to please her fans and her critics by some major surprises from her movies. But, did you know that she can also sing? Yes. As a matter of fact, she was the one who wrote the soundtrack for Dear John, a film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John where she was paired with actor Channing Tatum.

Meanwhile, Seyfried also starred as Slyvia Weis in her previous movie with Justin Timberlake entitled In Time. It is an action-suspense and sci-fi film which depicts the importance of time. The film also talks about becoming part of someone who can change your life. Critics had said that In Time has been the ultimate breakthrough of Seyfried’s career as she proved that action was never a hindrance through her career as an actress. She in fact told the press that it’s good to know that people had easily embraced her action skills with no hesitations at all. By that moment, she promised to do more action films with other leading men just to explore or discover more about her acting talent.

In her sweet and romantic-comedy movie Letters to Juliet, Seyfried has proven to be one of the most witty actress in Hollywood. She was paired with actor Chris Egan which has also evolved from dancing and gymnastics to a mighty warrior in Eragon. Both Seyfried and Egan began their careers in a mischievous beginning yet they still are soaring higher and higher with utmost wit and high-rated performances nowadays.

Amanda Seyfried. Source:

Without any form of negative comments with attitude, Amanda Seyfried can really excel with her career especially when critics are there to support her from her journey. She really has evolved a lot from the start and now she is ready to glance back from where she started just to bring out the best of herself.

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