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Foster the People’s Torches: Genre-Less Tracks

April Casquejo

Perhaps every indie’s band dream is to go mainstream, but the dream comes true and they go pop, most of their loyal underground fans forget about them altogether—but then there are exceptions too, and Foster the People’s one of them.

Launching their first single, Pumped Up Kicks from their album, Torches, the track immediately went viral. Refusing to be isolated to a single genre, Foster the People infused rock, synth, dance and pop into their every tracks. Their tunes are more of an upbeat vibe, ideal for an easy listening.

Pumped Up Kicks


Their album contains twelve tracks, including the ones with released with their respective music videos, Pumped Up Kicks, Call It What You Want, Don’t Stop and Houdini.

The tracks are nothing like what’s heard before, and putting Torches on is almost like a breath of fresh air. Although their songs’ lyrics are not too poetic or metaphorical, their straight forward approach at writing their songs does them well.

Though most of their tracks talk about boyish stuff, they have the ‘I Would Do Anything for You’ to swoon the ladies over.

The entire album is a treat and each track’s carefully mastered for an ear-gasmic experience. R

eally, we’re excited for the next one

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