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Snow White and the Hunstman: another controversy in tradition and belief?

Lovelyn Layon

The world of magic will soon enter the doors of modern cinema and we are about to witness a higher level of story that revolves around a legendary fictional character since we were all born. Snow White and the Huntsman has been around the world of the Internet for almost two months since it previewed its trailer from various media players and built-in media providers all throughout the web.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor from the Avengers) as the Hunstman. Source:

Before we indulge deeper into the world of magic, let me introduce you a brand new film from Universal Pictures which will open in theaters on June. From the producers of Alice and Wonderland, Snow and the Huntsman is an epic action-adventure which will take its audience into a different kind of fiction both on screen and on book pages there is. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Snow White who is being hunted by the evil queen (Charlize Theron). The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) is out to turn up the rage against Snow White thru the command of the evil queen but it turns out that he and Snow White will be training in the art of war to kill the evil queen.

Kristen Stewart (Bella from Twilight) as Snow White. Source:

With a background of traditional impact of this kind of movie, some critics can see some “deficiencies” and visible factors that contribute to the message of the story. Some say that it is about portraying a cult while others say it is about black magic or witchcraft. Even if some people are trying their might to provide an appropriate message on a movie, still the Director will lead the audience to a lot of conclusion at the end of the very last scene. Whatever your views about it, I think a movie is still a movie. It does not conquer a major probability on changing our beliefs and manipulating different kinds of traditions in the world.

If you love watching films, then you have to be more responsible on choosing the right kind of film for your own benefit. This will enable you to come up with the brightest idea at hand especially when you are able to understand the message of a certain movie at the same time. Meaning, the message will rely on your opinion and not because of the effects or lines depicted in each scene. Maybe, or definitely possible in the future, that will be the ultimate guideline for movie goers to notice in the end.

Charlize Theron (Aeonflux) as the Evil Queen. Source:

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