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Games: The Good And The Bad

Mister G.

No matter what kind of game is being played, there will always be mutual respect and friendship. However, some games also have their bad sides. It just depends on who the players are and how they act according to nature. There will also be some sort of rivalry between fierce competitors. Some people treat their game seriously, and some people just play games for the sake of having fun.

Marquees of two popular fighting games, Jin (left) and Ryu (right): Storyline wise, they have their good and bad sides

Games such as hide-and-seek, hopscotch, boodle games, and the like have always been a perfect time for kids to bond with one another. Neighbors and kinships alike can play this game anytime they want to. Physical games such as basketball, soccer, and the like are also a perfect time to share their passion for their respective games. Grown-ups who have played games that involve physicality during their younger years can be the ones who have felt so much benefit, because they had the chance to enjoy time with one another. It makes me feel sad that some kids today don’t have much time to play non-video games, but hey, some kids find some friendship with one another in computer-programmed games.

In this time, online gaming and video gaming have been a notorious place. There are internet trolls everywhere, outdoing one another by gaining psychological and intellectual edge over a certain argument. Also, there are some people stooping down to their enemy’s level. There are lots of haters everywhere, especially in this generation. You just have to go with the flow no matter what kind of game you are playing. You’ve got to ignore those so-called “headless and keyboard warriors” in order to be mentally tough and to stay at the top of your game. No need to brag that you are the best gamer in your specialty, because you will just make people raise their eyebrows towards you.

Most of the Asians may be dominating the video gaming scene, but they got a penchant and a passion to make friends with other people, compatriot or not. I know one Asian who is passionate enough to reach out to some people. Daigo Umehara, Japan’s top Street Fighter player, even have a book of his own, which is entitled “The Art of Being the World’s Best Pro Gamer: The Power to Keep Winning” that has been recently released a month ago. Not only this book urges and inspires pro-gamers, but it can also be simulated to real-life in a lot of ways. Here are some excerpts from Daigo’s book. Another good reading related to Daigo Umehara’s can be David Sirlin’s “Playing to Win: Becoming the Champion“.

You see, don’t think that such games are just meant for competition and physicality. Losing can be frustrating sometimes, but we can always find a way on how we can win by hook or by crook. One can just keep on losing, as it can be a big dent towards your personality. Games also teach us to build some life-winning strategies, to build mutual respect between co-gamers, and most importantly, to enjoy the game. In the world of gaming, you just have to treat yourself as a mid-aged person, wherein you have control of yourself. The world of gaming will never be kind to you, because you will have to adapt to it if you want to survive. Life is just like a game, where you have the choice to reset everything and start all over again, or you can continue learning from your mistakes.

In case you are interested to watch, here is a video of Daigo facing off with Kayo Police: Two popular Street Fighter players from Japan

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