Movies — May 2, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Another Earth: Donnie Darko, Indie Shtick, and Puppy Love

Joe Maristela

I should’ve given the film more than that. I do this thing, where I watch the first 15 to 20 minutes of a movie on an iPad or a laptop or on Blu-Ray or whatever—just, not at the theaters—and in order to “get to the point” of the movie, I pull up the Wikipedia article on the title. I usually don’t remember to care about movies that were in the theaters a year or so ago, but when I saw Another Earth on the iPad—well, it was just too easy.

I hit play, and I was hit with—what exactly? Donnie Darko? Requiem for a Dream? “Okay, it’s an indie film, I get it; shake the camera. You can do so much more with no money. Okay.”

But really, all that shake- threw me off.

But I got it; I got the drama [and the overacting]. But for worker bees, such as myself, that don’t really care about movies all that much [‘cause we’re just way too obsessed with things that are going on in the real world to spend more than an hour of the day, sitting, consuming, leeching off of somebody else’s productivity] 5 minutes of the shtick was well enough.



Hipster shtick aside, I like the concept of the movie. It’s a wishful plot. It’s a: “What would my life be like if I could erase or re-do one really big mistake?” It’s been told a jazillion times over, but what’s cool about this [and Batman: Year One] is that there’s just enough geeky shtick in the flick to keep worker bees like me interested—and that’s getting harder to do these days.

At its base, you have allusions to parallel universes, but instead of bubble universes in the cosmos, the story pits two planets, identical two each other, and tighter in still: two Earths that are identical, with “the other” drawing in, nearer and nearer, as the film progresses.

It’s a cute flick. Like Donnie Darko, there’s a cute little punch line at the end. Both are wrapped in catch-phrases that any junior high school science instructor would likely name-drop for students every so often—something a wee one might latch onto. It’s a puppy love kinda flick …

… with puppy realism to boot.

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