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(500) Days of Summer

April Casquejo

Summer Finn’s a b***h. Or is she?

Watching the (500) Days of Summer for the first time, I can only pity Tom Hansen for meeting Summer in the first place. So the movie doesn’t want to be labelled as a love story, and says it’s rather a movie about love. Well then, does love have to be as cruel as Summer Finn?

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The movie revolved around Tom Hansen, a regular greeting cards artist guy who meets Summer Finn on a fateful day. Getting to know her, Tom’s up for that crazy ride and yes, HE fell in love. The movie’s not chronologically sequenced though, as each take is a recap of the days when Summer and Tom are still together, up to the time they finally went apart.

To begin with, Tom Hansen’s the type of guy whose faith in true love’s unwavering. His very receptive attitude towards Summer has been the start of their rather un-orthodox relationship; doing things the way lovers do, but not exactly lovers.

Unlike Tom, Summer’s character portrays a rather unattached and nonchalant girl, whose philosophy revolves around having fun, with Tom, without having a commitment at all– which leaves them as if they’re just friends with benefits, and yes, in the end it was proved they  were.

Slowly detaching and the connection getting colder, Summer decided to just leave Tom devastated, but this devastation has led Tom back to his earliest passion, and Summer, to the man she’d finally have the will to marry.

The movie is somewhat a proof that happy endings doesn’t come when you expect it most, as it usually takes you by surprise. Although personally, I believe that Summer’s been mean at just leaving Tom behind, I’d like to believe she has her reasons for doing so, or maybe, she just wasnt’t really in love in the first place.

As for Tom, it’s still  a happy ending after all, as his heartbreak has led him to go back to that thing he loved first.

This movie shows fate at its best: tortuous and unpredictable, but nonetheless knows the best.

And the most painful part? When summer said, “Tom, don’t leave, you’re still my best friend”.


NB: The OST was a perfect match for the movie though, with the remakes of the classic and some more unpopular tracks, the entire package’s a treat. But let me discuss that the next time though, see the movie for the mean time.

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