Opinions — April 25, 2012 at 12:17 pm

“You are what you read!”

Joe Maristela

Clip is from the movie, You’ve Got Mail.
“You are what you read.” It’s a spin on on, “You are what you eat.” But you’d be surprised by how physical, material, and literal the former statement is.

In much the same way that hyperpolyglots are able to mold, press, and fuse their brain-matter toward an evolutionary path that wouldn’t have otherwise taken place [as is the case within the linked-to podcast; wherein the subjects of the show forced themselves to learn a multitude of dissimilar languages]: so too can voracious readers.

It’s all so similar.

Children pick up terms from their parents, from school; they are socialized by their environment, which includes the media that they consume through TVs, computers, and other devices.

Muscles, skeletons, and organs are conditioned in the gym, on the field, and while traversing space in everyday situations [going to work or school; running errands, etc.].

Evolution. Gradualism. These are the fundamental undercurrents in play, when we subscribe to this notion of: you are what you read.

And by knowing that, for instance, one performs better than the median in school if the student were to concurrently take up an instrument [e.g. piano] or a second language [Spanish is the de facto in the States, but Chinese is growing more and more popular], you encourage a specific kind of academic environment: one preoccupied, not only with studies out of school-proper, but with extracurricular studies and activities that are meant to round out a child.

And so, if you realized that you reading higher quality content, more sophisticated and technical content, was good for you, you’d at least try to do it.


We all know that veggies are great for us, but we all hardly eat what we’re supposed to. And in the process, we pay the price. So too, do we pay the price, when we indulge in guilty-pleasures on the Net, on TV, among friends over Facebook.

Are you self-aware of the media that you consume? Are you aware and sensitive to the ways that media and content, especially that which is distributed over the Net, socializes you?

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