News — April 25, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Sync a Google Folder?

Joe Maristela

Would you sync a Google Folder to your local-C? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of using Google Docs or the Google Drive, though?


I’ve been using Google Drive for about a week now, and it’s more of the same issues we have with Google Docs, at the office. The main one is the bandwidth that’s required and assumed of my computing situation. I don’t have a lot of bandwidth often; I’m often traveling, and in between places [a bit of a nomad]. And so, what’s really sold Dropbox, for me anyway, is the fact that I can hop on the plane, work on some stuff offline, and then get back on ground, sync up with files amongst my team, and continue to sync, for as long as there’s bandwidth. But with Google Docs in conjunction with Google, for instance, you require a connection for you to make the most of the all of the features of the service (features that are available thus far anyway).

So, it’s more of the same; all of the gripes you might have had with Google Docs and maybe Picasa, you may very well experience with Google Drive.

Has this been your experience with the service so far?

Here’s what the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg had to say about the service so far:

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