News — April 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

Sulit and Ayos: TV Ads

Joe Maristela

Well, they’ve arrived, you could say. Sulit and Ayos, the two main marketplace sites for the Philippines, have both launch TV ads, promoting awareness about the sites’ features and general purposes. Basically, these two sites are serving as “Googles” to the Philippine region. If you want to find a tutor for your kid, for instance, you wouldn’t Google that, you’d search on one of these two sites. If you wanted to sell an old cell phone, forget hauling it off to Greenhills; you’d sell it on Sulit.

In the States, maybe, you’d sell something over Craigslist. But in Manila, not to pick sides or anything, but I personally would call on Sulit.

Indeed, entire cottage industries have cropped up, as a consequence of Sulit. Some real estate brokers live and die by the site. Van rentals are big on the site. Used laptops, and the list goes on.

What do you think of the new TV ads for these two respective sites? Do the campaigns make for a milestone of sorts for the two websites? Is it an indication of any kind of trend at all?

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